Friday, June 22, 2012

Junior Denver Bronco Cheerleader!!

So Isabella has become a Junior Denver Bronco cheerleader!!  She's super cute in the outfits.  The coaches are Denver Bronco cheerleaders, so it's neat to see them interacting with the girls.  I do have to tell ya, now all the boys in the family are suddenly interested in taking her to practice.  Uh-huh!  They were a little more interested in getting pictures with (or of) the cheerleaders than actually Isabella! :)  Oh well...boys will be boys.

Check out the cutest video ever of our baby girl!!

We are so very proud of you love-bug!  Keep it up!  (And maybe we can go to Dallas someday....hehehe)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swim-Swim, Summatime!

 {Oh yes, this is my feet!  I was definitely basking in the sun this day!!}

Ahhh,....Summer time.  How I love thee!!  I love the heat, the sun, the kids playing outside, etc.  We finally hit up our neighborhood pool.  This is where I will be as much as possible.  I did get a few pool toys, floaties, and other purple-face inducing blow up doo-dads.  Even with all these, the kids still ask for games.  Other than marco polo and chicken, I'm not really sure what other pool games I know.  We used to just swim, dunk, and play.  I don't know exactly what we did.  (Kids these days! Sheesh!)  I guess I'm going to have to go to my confidant, Google, to find some ideas.  If you have any, please let me know.  And have a fantastic summer!!  :)

Oh you 50 Shades....

Oh this book, this book...  I started reading it because it was a "suggested" read on my nook.  (Yes I've read books like these before-well not quite like this one.)  Since I've read this book, I've heard more and more people referencing it on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and in conversation even!  Honestly, I've never experienced so many people admitting that they read it, AND enjoyed it!  Rock on peeps!

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are the main characters.  It's basically a story of two people trying to get to know each other and some extremely effed up issues they have to overcome to be with each other.  He was abused as a child and grew up with relationship issues (don't they all).  He also had some escapades in different lifestyles that were definitely not considered "the norm".

Anastasia, in her own right, has a few issues herself.  I don't think I've ever known a 20-something virgin.  But, hey, it's a nice thought.  She herself grew up with a relationship-junky mother and ended up staying and living with one of her step-fathers.  (If that doesn't give you a few issues, I don't know what will.) 

I do have to say there were a few things that bugged.  Everyone "murmured" in this book.  No talking, yelling, mumble, nothing.  That was a little annoying.  Especially by the 3rd book, I was rolling my eyes every time I saw the word.  Also, I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I did find myself skimming over some of those lengthy descriptions.  Some were of situations, some were of people, it was just a little too much.  None of those bug-a-boo's deterred me from liking the book.   :)

Mid-Year Resolution

I know the difference between my own strengths and weaknesses.  I just can't seem to want to do something about it.  :)  No really, there's not a person I know who wants to have a discussion on their weaknesses, much less work actively on them.  Sometimes it's even hard to find the time to figure them all out!  So I've decided to make a mid-year resolution. 

Let's face it, nobody, I mean NOBODY actually starts their resolutions on January 1st.  If they do, it's more likely that they burn out by mid-year or not too long after.  Ok, I'll admit it, there are those little gems that just seem to have it all together.  They're all..."Look at me, I'm so organized!" or "Look at this goal, I'm going to reach it in less time than I'm going to give myself."  Ok I'm being sarcastic and a little jealous.  But these are the people that I continuously strive to be and wind up crying, in yoga pants (for the second week consecutively), not showered, trying to cook meals for days, rooms in various states of mid-cleaning, wondering where the kids are and what else I'm going to put on my list of "Things I Forgot".  And I do mean crying!  It gets so overwhelming, that I pretty much accept my personality as a laid-back, not bothered by mess kinda gal.  Which brings me to my. worst. flaw.   
Time Management   <dun-dun-duunnn>

Weeellll.....it turns out that I am a HORRIBLE time management person.  (No surprise there!)  I'm taking a class on success strategies.  It's supposed to help with my going back to school venture, and eventually help in my personal and professional life.  Well I can already tell you that it's making me take a good hard look at one of my biggest flaws.  That clock is such a biatch!  Of course being a procrastinator makes this flaw run crazy out of control sometimes!  I've definitely started to be proactive on figuring out different ways that will help me.
  * (Remember that this is based time management)

  1. Made a list of strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Made a list of short-term and long-term goals.
  3. Reviewed those things to determine what I need in order to meet my goals as well as work on my weaknesses.
  4. Went to Mind Tools and explored different strategies to consider.
  5. Create a plan (an outline, if you will) to actively put in to place to help me reach my goals.
 I think I have a pretty good foundation to start from.  I know the data.  I know the variables.  Now it's time to start kickin' butt!  I have until the end of the year, so here goes nothin'!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The BEST Waffle Recipe!!

I wanted to make something special for my kids today.  I figured breakfast would be the best.  So I decided to make bacon and waffles.  I look in the cabinet and I don't even have a cup of Bisquick OR Krusteaz.  So I set to figuring out how to make a homemade waffle mix.  This way I can whip them up all the time.  Well I surfed some of the recipes and was pretty depressed.  (Honestly, who the heck has buttermilk powder or powdered eggs just laying around??)  Well I combined quite a few different recipes and hoped for the best.  Boy was I pleasantly surprised!!!!!  They were great!!  I mean I think that I will probably NEVER buy waffle mix again.  Why should I?  They even cooked perfectly in the waffle iron.  Sometimes they would get a little too brown with the other mixes.  So here's a pic of the end result and the directions!  Bon Apetite!

1-3/4  C  flour
2-1/2  T sugar
1        T baking powder
2       tsp vanilla
2            eggs
1-3/4  C milk
1/2     C oil

(Made 10-12 waffles.  Depending on size of waffles)

I just mixed everything together.  (I actually chopped up some strawberries that needed to be used and about 1/2 container of blueberries.  They were delish!!)

**Talking to my baking friend, Jill, she says that I'm supposed to mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately, then mix.  Guess I'll try it next time and let y'all know!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunny Beginnings!!!

So....I did it!!  I am now the proud owner/operator (whatever you want to call it) of a home-based childcare.  I love kids.  I love teaching.  I've been told that I'm pretty darn good at it, too.  So I had the crazy notion to start a daycare in my home.  (Oh, I forgot. The term "daycare" is considered a little taboo when you're actually using a set curriculum.  Guess I'm a little old school)  This is a little intimidating.  What the heck am I talking about?!  This has my knees knockin' and I'm short of breath when I really think about it too much!  Nonetheless, I'm super excited!!

I have several kids who are over the age of 3, so I have added a preschool curriculum. I'm going to use the Mother Goose curriculum as my guide.  There are just so many awesome sites nowadays (blogs and Pinterest are my faves!), I want to do some things on my own, instead of a pre-packaged set for the month.  Hey!  You never know...I may be cursing the day I ever thought this.  I may be pulling my hair out just because I want to be "Crafty Carla"....

I definitely will be taking alot of pointers (aka..stealing ideas) from all the blogs that I've recently found.  I'm still treading into waters unknown for me.  Not only do I have to teach and provide quality care, I am still responsible for maintaining a small business.  (O Lord! What have I got myself into...)         
WISH ME LUCK!!     :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Words to Calm the Nerves

My family is crazy.  Period.  Fun crazy, though!  :)  My little big brother is the clown of the family and he wears the title to..a..T!  He's in sales, which is fitting.  He's got a gi-normous (yes, I believe it's a word) personality.  So when he told me that he's been getting nervous in his meetings, I was a little shocked.  Actually more than a little.  This smooth talker, nervous? NO! Never!

I found out his secret.  He chooses two words to focus on using them in his meeting.  I mean ANY two words.  I'm sure he won't use curse words, but I'm not sure.  I'll have to ask him the next time we talk... 

Well, my day has come.  He asked me for two words.  Being put on the spot is not my strong point. At all.  Two words.  I mean come on!  I should have thought of those so quickly.  I can't shut up in my everyday life!  I was wasting time on the internet, so I chose two pages and found a word on each.  His two words for today are..."Gringa"  and  "University".  I feel so bad now!!  How the heck is he going to do this?  We'll see, huh?!  Good luck baby bro!  :)

**The more people I get to follow the blog, I might just have a spotlight for his Meeting Maxim's (Maxim:sayings).  I call it his sayings, because how in the heck can he actually fit these words into his meetings!